Beautiful Decorations of Lanterns for Wedding

lanterns for wedding reception centerpieces

Lanterns for wedding are great ideas for your wedding décor. If you want to hold a wedding party at the night, you should choose the right décor. Then, to provide lanterns for your wedding night party is really nice idea. There are a lot of designs for the lantern that can decorate the reception and make it more stunning.

Designs Of Lanterns For Wedding

Actually, the lanterns can be used for daylight party. If you want to decorate the reception with lanterns, you can choose it in various colors and shape. The round lanterns in colorful look will be really attractive to decorate your wedding that is held at the morning or afternoon. Then, when the wedding is held at the night, the shape is more important, because it will be reflected through the light from inside the lantern.

Lanterns As Wedding Decoration

You can use the lanterns as great decoration. From the various shapes, the lanterns can be placed anywhere. You also can hang it on the ceiling as the lighting. Moreover, you can try another great idea, which is to fly the lanterns at the night. This idea becomes popular for some couples to provide the guests lanterns that will be released together.


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