Garters for Wedding: Tradition and Ideas

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Garters for wedding are needed by the brides. Garters, or sometimes called as suspenders, are narrow bands of fabric used to keep up stockings or socks. In eighteenth to nineteenth century they are tied below the knee to keep the stocking from slipping. The invention of elastic makes them less necessary to wear, although they are still often worn as fashion.

Garters For Wedding Tradition

There is a tradition in Western that in the wedding day a bride must wear a garter in her leg and it will be removed by the groom at the end of the reception. Some people say that it is a symbol of deflowering, while many other say that it is a kind of superstition that taking a part of bride’s gown will bring a good luck. Today the practice of removing a garter is done by the groom then he will toss it to the unmarried male guest after the bride toss her bouquet to unmarried female guests. It is believed that the man who gets the garter and the woman who get the bouquet will be married soon, though not to each other.

Some Garters Ideas

There are two lovely garter ideas for you. The first one comes from Julianne Smith called Ivory Lace and Mint grater. This simple garter is made of an ivory lace with a mint satin stripe. Another one is Kate Style A-Wedding Garter by Lovely Garters Shop. It is made of a patterned soft lace with a sparkly rhinestone button.

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